ISO 9001 South Wales Consultancy

ISO 9001 doesn’t need to be a scary, paper heavy process. My role is to simplify the process, spot those common mistakes that people make and help you on your way to getting the accreditation your business requires.

Top Three Reasons Why Organisations Want ISO 9001

There are many reasons why an organisation wants to achieve ISO 9001, but the top three reasons are:

  1. Customer driven – Existing, or potential customers require their suppliers to have an ISO 9001 Quality Management System that has been successfully assessed by a UKAS approved certification body.
  2. Marketing Advantage – The organisation wants to achieve the certification to promote their company within the business sector, to gain advantage over their competitors.
  3. Improve the business – The organisation wants to improve their operations, to ensure that the quality is consistent and their systems are efficient and effective. The focus being on increased customer satisfaction and the reduction of costs.

The benefits of implementing ISO 9001

  • Access to contracts to provide stability
  • Innovate and become leaders in the sectors
  • Reduction of outgoings
  • Growing the Business